Monday, September 01, 2008

More Proof The Repulbicans are Opperating With a Seriously Different Percieved Reality

Take a look at this chart and you will see why my prior post about the selection of Palin will polarize the already separated country even further is dead on correct. The reason why republicans view the McSame/Palin ticket is just the cure for George W's mess is that they are perceiving the same situation extremely differently.

And, we all know that truth is a slave to perception, not vice versa. Which is exactly why polarizing the country even further is the single best strategy for GOP to play right now. We have seen it work for them in 2004, and they are gambling that it will work again to collect the Presidential trifecta - three terms of the current modus operandi.

If you ask your typical republican if things are all dandy under George W., you can understand why they love McSame. "Give us another steaming helping of war in Iraq, profit for the war time machinery we know as Blackwater and Halliburton. Give is more foreclosures and bail outs of corporate America while screwing the little guy who cannot afford health insurance even though they need a quadruple bypass."

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