Monday, September 29, 2008

Be A Fly On The Wall: Do You Care Where Your Slice Of The 700 Billion Dollar Bail Out Will Land?

The Debate on the 700 Billion Dollar Bail out for the GOP's rich pals is going on right now. Nancy Pelosi is talking at this moment. Click here to listen in if dare or care.If Warren Buffet can invest in seriously discounted firms and get equity and the chance to earn a serious ROI, why can't we get that for the American People?

Here's a suggested email that you may want to send to your congressional representative that a friend of mine sent to his. You can Form Mail to your representatives at or
There is NO problem extant that can't be postponed until the next presidency and the next congress. The problem with the economy hasn't been adequately described: a problem the dimensions of which can't be described can't be solved. Where is the spreadsheet model that says that $700b will prevent the dire result that not providing $700b is supposed to prevent? If nobody actually knows the dimensions of the problem, how is $700b the solution? If the government proposes to prop up a house of cards, the house of cards will fall regardless. What is Plan B?
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