Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's Really Wrong With Sarah?

Given that ever since the GOP Convention, the McSame campaign has been keeping Palin under wraps says to me two things: 1) they are prepping her to meet the press, and 2) she's got something really nasty to hide that she really needs the preparation. If she was really as remarkable a candidate as they say she is, she wouldn't need the rehearsal. Really, that she hasn't even stepped in for an interview with the right wing nuts at Fox News is saying something. What is it that they are hiding from us? It looks an awful lot like they are trying to get their stories straight so that she looks less culpable in the police line up.
Palin, Davis said, "will do interviews, but she'll do them on the terms and conditions" dictated by McCain's campaign -- which is to say, according to a standard that applies to no other candidate for office anywhere in the country.
When you can't even go to answer questions straight up, this says to me that you are prepping for the lies because if you simply stick to the truths, you wouldn't need all the preparation and rehearsal to synch up the stories.

Perhaps the "liberal" media should exert some chutzpah of their own and boycott any kind of interview and "news" events at which Palin is at. Really, the Palin/McSame modus operandi does not lend itself to the exercise of a free press, upon which some Revolutionaries fought for our right to have. It demonstrates a complete disdain for the free press and a real need to control the message. And you thought you lived in a free country.

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Anonymous said...

the Palin/McSame modus operandi does not lend itself to the exercise of a free press

- windspike

There's nobody here but us chickens

The Press is corporate owned, not 'free.' The Press covers it frontside so its corporate owners don't get in the backside from regulators, the Justice Dept, etc., if P/M wins. Palin has a record of going after opponents.