Friday, September 19, 2008

How Much Will Your Tax Bill Change Under Obama vs. McSame?

A friend tossed me this chart. I haven't checked the numbers myself, but when the Rightwinger Faithful are done taking another long, deep hit of the GOP crackpipe of lies and come up for some clean air, hit them with this dose of reality. Life isn't going to get better under McSame. And, Obama does more for cutting taxes of the ordinary working class than his counter part would have you believe.

Notice, in particular, how big the tax breaks are for the uber-wealthy under McSame, versus how big the tax break will be for the lower and middle classes under Obama. Sure, he's going to raise taxes for the super rich, but I think the McSame clan can afford to pony up a bit more than they are already pitching on the heap.

What say you blogosphere?

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