Friday, September 05, 2008

The Vetting of Sarah Palin: The GOP Celebrity Gambit

The Days of Leadership By Faith Over Fact - perfected by the W, Rove and Co - are over. Yet, the McSame campaign has foisted enough mojo on the GOP faithful to make an Evangelist faint. So, instead of the buying the insipid rhetoric spilled out over the anticlimactic GOP convention, we must examine whether McSame and his Gal Pal Palin are qualified to do the job based on their actions thus far.

Indeed, actions speak louder than words - Don't tell us. Show us that you will be good for America, if you can, by doing good things for America. If the vetting of Sarah Palin is an indication of how good the McSame administration will be going forward, there is large room for improvement and plenty of evidence as to why we should not trust them to do the job.

Remember how easy it was for the W, Rove and Co. to fondle their way around the intelligence to prove we needed to invade Iraq? I'm sure that was a complicated boondoggle. If McSame and his cronies can't even find a Veep candidate with less blemishes than Palin, we are in for deep, deep shit under a McSame/Palin administration and some dangerous decision making.

Take a look at this news, I just discovered in an email from a friend:
Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin attended five colleges in six years before graduating from the University of Idaho in 1987.
In almost all the college admissions programs I know, Palin would have a terrible time getting into graduate school with that track record. Five schools in six years? That is a clear indication that there is something up with Palin, something amiss in her ability to accomplish difficult tasks and sticking with them. Some one who cannot last more than a few semesters in any one school is a clear indication of some one with many issues, let alone five different institutions in as many years.

Does this fact cast a pall of suspicion over her qualifications to do the Veep Job? For me, yes. Even more important, it says to me that the McSame modus operandi is to not do a thorough job and make hasty decisions based on politics over qualifications. Certainly, his decision to select Palin was a, cold, hard ball, intentionally political one. Had he really thought he was putting "Country First," I can think of a dozen or so other Veep candidates in the GOP that would have been better suited for the job. Instead, they traded quality for celebrity. But I thought they were anti-celebrity, clearly demonstrated by their ruse to taint Mr. Obama as such.

So, why are the GOP not outraged here? Perhaps they are caught up in the "Celebrity" of Sarah Palin. I would challenge those who are thinking Republicans - and even those who believe Reagan was a better President than George Washington - to conduct their own diligence on Palin. As to if she is truly qualified for the job of Veep? I don't think so. As to that she has elevated herself to Celebrity Status, most definitely. If the Cult of Celebrity is not a reason to vote for a President (according to McSame and his army of propagandists), it should be likewise for Vice Presidents.

Should we vote for a vice president that, perhaps, has dropped or been kicked out of four colleges before actually finding a sympathetic institutions from which to graduate? I don't think so.

Who should we put in the next advertisement next to her for her comparison? Like they painted Paris Hilton next to Barak Obama, it would be Palin next to....I don't know....who should we put there....

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I much prefer the class act that Biden is, as explained in this old piece from the New Republic: