Monday, September 01, 2008

Meanwhile...Back At The GOP Convention....

Bush finds a convenient reason to back out of the speechifying to save his McSame pal from being too closely associated with the W, the Sitting Hero of the GOP.
The marquee act for opening night just canceled, but some Republicans couldn't be happier.

All year, Republican strategists have worried about showcasing President Bush at the Republican National Convention when his standing with the public lies at a near-record low.

A day late and a dollar short, he's backing out to prepare for a hurricane that has already landed on our shores.
Hurricane Gustav has crashed into the all-but-deserted Louisiana coast. The eye has landed southwest of New Orleans.
Don't you think that, given Gustav has already landed, the President should have been ready to respond weeks ago? Looks like Gustav is working to save W and McSame from being painted even closer together than their infamous hug.

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