Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What If You Were Mitt or Joe?

Just wondering at this point, given McSame's super quality pick for Veep, what it might be that Mitt and Joe were feeling given they lost the post to Palin. Or any other of the possible Veeps on the short list, for that matter:
Two senior Republican officials close to Mitt Romney and Tim
Pawlenty said they had both been rudely strung along and now "feel manipulated."

"They now know that they were used as decoys, well after McCain had decided not to pick them," one Republican involved in the process said.
The subliminal message of McSame's selection of Palin is that the others on the list were of a lesser quality. Imagine that? What could be so offensive about Mitt, Lieberman or the others that put Palin ahead of them? I wouldn't want to guess.

The trouble is that there is a legion of self-righteous right wingers who were quick to label teens who were pregnant as something like the spawn of Satan, and now have jumped to the aid of McSame and Palin obviating their own hypocrisy. Of course, if you criticize Palin for her position, the reichwingers are in full tilt trying to spin you as some kind of loon. For example, just look at the title of this news paper article I found linked on johnmccain dot com:
Ignore the Chauvinists. Palin Has Real Experience.
So, if I don't think that Palin is fit to be Veep, I'm a chauvinist by default? I don't think so. Of course, those who were bashing Hillary would not stand for being labeled as such, but insist on flogging those who don't like Palin with much more demonizing terminology.

Did you ever wonder why that when the GOP types get criticized about their decisions they feel they need to use derogatory labels to foist upon us their holier than thou stance? I'm constantly mystified as to that line of argument, but I understand the tactic. The reason they use it is because they have no plausible line of argument to pursue. With out slinging the hate, they have nothing on which to stand.

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