Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Looks like George W. is going to speak to us again to try and scare us into giving him another blank check to rescue his pals in the financial industry. Should we bet that he and his team that brought us Iraq have a good idea about how to fix the economy they broke?
Meanwhile, Bush's chief spokeswoman, Dana Perino, revealed that the president is thinking about a national speech and said the country is at risk of a "calamity" without bold action to calm down the markets and soothe nervous Americans.
Well, they have one thing right, the W, Rove And Co. did bring us a number of calamities that have us in a number of irrevocable situations that if we actually had some smarter leadership they would never had put us in in the first place. The bigger question for me is how do we hold Bush and his pals accountable for the mess they brought us? Don't hold your breath.

Even so, given the past practice of Bush leading us by faith over fact and into a war based on faulty intelligence and sticking with the calamity that is Iraq as he was given a blank check to do whatever he damn well please (not the least of which was to totally disregard the Constitution in the process), should we hand him over another blank check to have him fornicate with our Economy some more?

You remember the old song by the Talking Heads...."Well, how did we get here...."

GOP: The Calamity Rendering Party - Calamity Means Profit For Us But Not For You.

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