Sunday, August 31, 2008


You have got to wonder, seriously - although it's fun to have a field day discrediting McSame's choice for Veep, what he is thinking here. I had two thoughts about this.

First, McSame must be getting the same folks to counsel him as have been giving advice to the President these past eight years. Really, selecting Palin seems like a Rovian device, but without the smarts behind it.

Two, the whole ploy is a move to polarize the country even further (what happened to the "I'm a Uniter not a Divider," gambit one rightly should wonder) and confused the undecided voters. It seems to me like this might backfire on them.

For example, Senator Boxer has some legit points here:
"The vice president is a heartbeat away from becoming president, so to choose someone with not one hour's worth of experience on national issues is a dangerous choice.

"If John McCain thought that choosing Sarah Palin would attract Hillary Clinton voters, he is badly mistaken.

"The only similarity between her and Hillary Clinton is that they are both women. On the issues, they could not be further apart.

"Sen. McCain had so many other options if he wanted to put a woman on his ticket, such as Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison or Sen. Olympia Snowe -- they would have been an appropriate choice compared to this dangerous choice.
Really, she's right. There are many Republican women out there who would have truck loads more experience than Palin. Why did he select a running mate that he really did not know and has no experience at all at the National or International level (aside wanting to give liberal bloggers a field day)? Well, perhaps they are doing the only thing that the Republicans know how to do well - to polarize the nation even further and hope that there are more people in their base to trump those at the other end.

Certainly, it's a Rovian ploy, but I don't see the same kind of Rovian genius in it. In fact, given how much the GOP has been harping on Obama not having any experience, the duplicity and hypocrisy of his decision has to be obvious - even to the blind "patriots" proclaiming to vote republican no-matter-what, and down right offensive to every thinking republican out there.

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New York Times/CBS News polling shows Republicans living in a different world.