Wednesday, October 01, 2008

GOP: Bankrupt On Trust

Did you ever wonder why, when McSame or Palin get asked a question that they don't like, they simply don't answer it and instead spew the usual talking points that make no sense as any kind of answer to the stipulated question? I was munching on my breakfast and listening to NPR and McSame was interviewed. Pay attention to what he says when asked the hard questions. Be sure to click the listen now button to grab the unadulterated comments.

When asked about Palin's foreign policy experience that makes her qualified, McSame shifts the topic to
energy independence...she has oversighted the oil and natural resources...she's very highly qualified and very knowledgeable..."I've turned to her for advice many times in the past," McCain said. "I can't imagine turning to Sen. [Barack] Obama or [Sen. Joseph] Biden because they've been wrong. They were wrong about Iraq. They were wrong about Russia."
Where's the WMD in Iraq McSame? Well, the days of "trust us" government are over in Washington. Leadership by faith over fact is dead as a policy making methodolgy. Simply because Palin has charisma in spades does not make her qualified to be the Big Veep.

McSame goes so far as to claim that Palin is the "most popular governor in" in the USA, as if that's a qualification to be Veep. Now, I bet those who live in California might say, "my governor can wipe the floor with your governor," but no doubt there are other states who would credibly argue that this is hogwash.

Do you trust McSame? Should we trust McSame? Or, has the GOP leadership proven time and again that leadership by faith over fact gets us in to deep, deep, deep shit?

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