Thursday, October 23, 2008

Subpoenas, Depositions and A Quick Question

Do you think that McSame thought experience deflecting legal attacks were a necessary criteria for selecting his Veep running mate? Or is it that he couldn't find some one to run with that had a clean slate and was subpoena proof?
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her husband will provide depositions Friday to the state Personnel Board, which is looking into whether Palin unfairly fired Alaska's public safety director this summer, the couple's attorney told CNN.
If you ask me, it can't be a good sign when a Veep candidate is being subpoenaed to give a deposition (let alone one that involves her husband). We may not actually discover more on Friday. Even so, do you really want some one in public office that is already distracted and tangled in legal problems?

Incidentally, my spouse this morning, as we had on NPR listening to another speechifying opportunity for McSame, called out to me over my coffee. McSame was stipulating one more time that he was particularly "Proud of Governor Palin," and happy he selected her as his Veep Candidate. This is the conversation as it occurred
Spouse - That is Offensive!

Me - What?

Spouse - Do you think that any Presidential Candidates in the history of Presidential candidates have ever said that they were "proud" of their Vice President choice?

Me - What, do you think that was sexist?

Spouse - No, it's just plain offensive and condescending. If she were a man, he would not be saying he was "Proud" of his vice presidential pick.

Me - Well, I think it's sexist and offensive, but that's just how the GOP does it's business

Spouse - No! It's offensive, and I'm pissed.

Me - Well, I guess we know how you are going to vote....
Question - Is it sexist (which the McSame folks were hooting and hollering about finding not acceptable when they announced their pick), offensive, or both?

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