Friday, October 24, 2008

Solving the "Elite" Problem In D.C. - A Modest Proposal

Given McSame's preoccupation with trying to label people they don't like as elite, I got to thinking on my AM run. I know, you hate when that happens.

I propose we eliminate the extraordinary wealth that sits resident in Congress and causes those who work for the Senate and the House to believe they are smart enough to make decisions for us. Simultaneously, we can save the taxpayers a great deal of money.

Here's the proposal. It's very simple: Given the wealthy status of most of congress, we could reduce their salaries to minimum wage.

Would they do the work if they had to do it for free? I don't think that our founding fathers received any payment for their efforts, did they? There's no reason to support welfare for congressional representatives. They have a splendid benefits package and get paid well into the six figures.

What about McSame and Obama? Would they accept minimum wage to do the work of the Senate? Certainly, McSame doesn't need the income. Obama, perhaps. But we already know know something about the strength of Obama's character. He did go a different way in terms of earning potential.

How many Harvard Law Review editors are sitting out of the extremely lucrative legal field? How many Senators are still raking in enormous salaries despite being independently wealthy (e.g. McSame with Seven homes and untold staff to keep them up)?

Shall we put the measure to a vote? All those in favor say Aye!

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