Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blogging Like You Mean It

I've been ruminating on a few questions as a bit of a diversion from the nutty last 18 or so days leading up to 4 Nov. Back when I first started blogging, things were a lot simpler. To tease out topics, some one periodically send out a meme to spur some ideas. I haven't received one of those in a great long while (which in the long run is good by me), but I got to thinking.

If I had to write my last blog entry, what would I write? Kind of like the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, if today you had to post your last post, what would you write?

Also, over the years, I've found inspiration in various musical artists (depending on my mood). If you blog on a regular basis, do you have a play list for your music that drives your inspiration? Who's your favorite artist to blog to?

I'm listening to public radio this AM, and one of the guest speakers had a point. "Our next president won't save us, we are going to have to save him. His middle name is going to be pinata." Perhaps my last post will have a title: Saving Our Nation From Ourselves....I'll have to ruminate on the content.

When I'm in a blogging zone, I usually click on Nirvana - Nevermind....and write.

Blog on friends, blog on all.

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SheaNC said...

Hey, I'm glad it's not your last post. I know what my last post will say: "Here I am blogging from the public library... damned ISP!"