Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Falling On Their Own Swords

Well, much as we would like to see them do so, you won't find any of the GOP faithful falling on their own swords at this point in time. Even so, it looks as if the smart thinking Republicans are sucking large quantities of helium out of the McSame/Palin baloon:
The timing of the financial crisis couldn’t have been worse for Republicans. When Lehman Brothers went under on Sept. 15, McCain was tied or in the margin of error in national polls. But when his poll numbers fell along with the stock market, wealthy conservatives saw little reason to invest their shrunken holdings on what was far from a sure thing.

“Republican donors, at the end of day, aren’t stupid,” said another Republican familiar with third-party activities this cycle. “They’re not going to throw good money after bad.

And it wasn’t just the economic bad news — McCain did little to help his own cause.
The GOP, having hung their hats so long and hard on the W, Rove and Co are withering on the vines of their own making. You won't be getting a lot of sympathy from the left of, as it appears, now the right.

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