Thursday, October 02, 2008

Your Fear Of Gay Marriage Is Irrational And Has No Foundation Beyond Hate

What is it about two men or two women getting married that hurts your marriage? Really, nothing.

If you don't believe in gay marriage don't marry some one of the same gender. Certainly, to women getting married or two men getting married does not hurt my marriage. In fact, it may amplify the dignity of it.

Hate is no reason to bar freedom. Vote no on Prop -8.

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Anonymous said...

Washington Post Forum Post:

Thoughts on Gay Marriage at 5/17/2008 2:58 PM EDT, by 'chris3.'

I am a fairly conservative, heterosexual adult man. I think the best way to consider the concept of gay marriage is to consider your own thoughts on heterosexual, "traditional" marriage. Looking outwardly at gay marriage before considering your own perspectives on heterosexual marriage is an easy way to find yourself at odds with a recent ruling in California. To be blunt, I look at heterosexual marriage as a way to keep some horny clown from trying to bed my wife when I am not around. Marriage does this to some extent by putting up a lot of barriers-to-entry (no pun intended) ranging from social and psychological, to legal and financial. I guess you could say it works that way for wives too. So I look at marriage as providing parties in a relationship with a degree of security versus, shall we say, outside "interests." I don't look at marriage as having much to do with having children. If you want children, you don't need to get married. If you want to create a "family" environment for children, you don't need to get married. And if you want to have sex, you don't need to get married either. So, when I consider gay marriage, I think: Ok say you have two gay guys or two gay girls and they like to get each other off and dig each others company. What's in place in society to provide those two gay couples, those U.S. citizens, any degree of "security" in their relationship? The answer is "nothing." I like that security and I think gay couples deserve it too.