Monday, August 13, 2007

When Is The Best Time To Quit The Whitehouse?

You know, I've heard this phrase numerous times today:
Karl has said that there was never going to be a good time to leave the White House, but that this was the right time for he and his family.
Well, if you've signed on for a particular stint and were one to honor your commitments, the best time to leave would be at the end of the proper term, no? Unless, of course, there are some extenuating circumstances.

Certainly, the Whitehouse is in full blown whitewashing mode trying to convince the American people that it's because Rove and his family want to "spend more time together."

The bullshit meter has to be running high even by Washington standards. Do you think Rove's family actually knows the man? Could it be that after all this time he spent working for political gain that he was doing it because he was avoiding his family?

There has to be extenuating circumstances surrounding his resignation. What we need is a good old fashioned W, Rove and Co style leak to get us the juicy bits on this one. With out it, we just get the typical snow job delivered by an attractive spokesmodel.

Have a look:
Q Dana, I think there was some comment by Rove that Bolten said that if anybody wants to leave, they need to do it before Labor Day. Is that what the staff has heard?

MS. PERINO: I haven't heard Josh say those words specifically, but I think there has been an understanding that there is a natural time for people to leave. Oftentimes, as you know, August in the summertime is that time. And as we get into the last 16 months of the administration, I think people need to consider whether or not they're going to be able to serve out the entire term. And I think that that's what the request has been, is to really think about that.

Q Are there additional people?

MS. PERINO: I have no one to announce for you right now; would not speculate on any other departures. But we'll let you know if that changes.

But, again, it's a natural time for people to start thinking about that in August, especially -- this pull of wanting to be more with your family, I think, is even more acute in the summertime months, especially when you get a little time off and you spend some time with them and realize how much you are missing and how much they're missing.
Meanwhile, our GIs continue to get sizzled in Iraq, and W retreats to his hobby ranch to "cut some brush."
MS. PERINO: I would expect no public events this week. The President will be spending time on his ranch. We'll try to give you updates, but just to set your expectations pretty low about details coming out of the ranch this week. When he's there, he likes to ride his bike, he likes to go fishing, he likes to cut some brush, he likes to exercise a lot and spend time with family and friends. To the extent that I can get more details on that for you, I will. I don't know what family and friends might or might not be coming this time around.
Gee whillikers that sounds like loads of fun, Ms. Perino. Sure wish I was the President and had my hobby ranch to retreat to after your best buddy drops you like an IED with a cellular phone attached.


Anonymous said...

On the seventh day He rested

[H]e likes to ride his bike, he likes to go fishing, he likes to cut some brush, he likes to exercise a lot and spend time with family and friends.

Mary Ellen said...

I just heard that former House Speaker Denny Hastert is going to announce his retirement this week. Not that he had any kind of power anymore...without Tom DeLay, the guy was nothing more than a bloated waste of space.