Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Real People Doing Real Things To Help Real People

The good thing about America is that when you can't depend on your government, you can depend on the people of America.

While the president is busy providing excuses, placating his audiences by citing statistics and pontificating about how wonderful he and his administration are, there are actually real people out there. Doing real things to help real people.

Watch this (note, the original video used to pop on every time folks hit my page. I change to a youtube version of another video, but you get the idea):


The tragedy is thus: For some reason we can muster billions of dollars to spend on Iraq, but we can't fix NOLA in two years or less.


Mary Ellen said...

Oh my...that man, Mr. Jenkins, who got ripped off by the contractors, it makes me ill. To victimize a person who was already a victim of such a tragedy...I have to wonder how these people sleep at night.

Excellent video, windspike. Thanks for putting it up. I'll put in a mention and link to your blog tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Poor people can't afford new housing

Katrina wiped out the stock of old housing, old cars, old furniture, old household appliances, old clothes, everything within the reach of people with limited incomes.

Rebuilding NOLA without fixing the riverine environment that invited the destruction in the first place is a waste of time, money and resources better used elsewhere. Good intentions can't change that.

You want to live in a submarine under the sea? I won't help you.

Neil Shakespeare said...

It's just gonna end up a casino town for the oil boys from Houston.