Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Shall We Scrap The Electoral College?

Found an article today that poses an old question for the blogosphere. However, given that we are in the long run up to the 2008 election, it may be time to rehash the debate.

Here's a slice:
The Electoral College should be done away with, but in the meantime, any reforms should improve the system, not make it worse. If California abandons its winner-take-all rule while red states like Texas do not, it will be hard for a Democratic nominee to assemble an Electoral College majority, even if he or she wins a sizable majority of the popular vote. That appears to be just what the backers of the California idea have in mind.
I'm of the mind that the Electoral College needs to be scrapped. What say you bloggers?

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Anonymous said...

The Electoral College will never be scrapped. That's why I'm favor of the Popular Vote Movement. This CA initiative however, is a Rovian attempt to rig the system in favor of a party who has so thoroughly screwed things up they can't get elected any other way.