Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Disturbing Thing About The Bush Administration

A friend of mine pointed me to a forthcoming article in the New Yorker Magazine that all in the blogisphere might like to view. In it, we find out the fundamental flaw that has led the W, Rove and Co to the painful situation our country is now married to in Iraq. It's this: That leadership by faith often trumps leadership by fact.

Even absent evidence, they tend to lend heaping sums of credence to disastrously faulty intelligence.No, I'm not talking about the WMD boondoggle and charade that lead Libby to prison and a commutation.

I'm talking about the on going situation revolving around the investigation of Daniel Pearl's murder case. Have a look and then keep reading at the link:
In March, Mariane Pearl, the widow of the murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, received a phone call from Alberto Gonzales, the Attorney General. At the time, Gonzales’s role in the controversial dismissal of eight United States Attorneys had just been exposed, and the story was becoming a scandal in Washington. Gonzales informed Pearl that the Justice Department was about to announce some good news: a terrorist in U.S. custody—Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the Al Qaeda leader who was the primary architect of the September 11th attacks—had confessed to killing her husband. (Pearl was abducted and beheaded five and a half years ago in Pakistan, by unidentified Islamic militants.) The Administration planned to release a transcript in which Mohammed boasted, “I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew Daniel Pearl in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. For those who would like to confirm, there are pictures of me on the Internet holding his head.”

Pearl was taken aback. In 2003, she had received a call from Condoleezza Rice, who was then President Bush’s national-security adviser, informing her of the same news. But Rice’s revelation had been secret. Gonzales’s announcement seemed like a publicity stunt. Pearl asked him if he had proof that Mohammed’s confession was truthful; Gonzales claimed to have corroborating evidence but wouldn’t share it. “It’s not enough for officials to call me and say they believe it,” Pearl said. “You need evidence.” (Gonzales did not respond to requests for comment.)
What this really does is confound the process of extracting people, who may or may not have a connection with terrorism, and base the action on simply your say so. I've said this before, but the days of "trust-us" we're with the W, Rove and Co are over.

Really, have we ever operated with a government that we could completely trust? I don't think so. Our founding fathers were justifiably dubious about the trustworithiness of an institution that grants powers, particularly the brand of absolute power the W, Rove and Co. is continuing to acquire.

Who was it that said...power corrupts, absolute power corrupts, absolutely?" Oh, yeah...."four legs good, two legs bad"...I get it.

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Mary Ellen said...

This is really interesting, Windspike. I'm not surprised, however, since this is what this administration has been doing since 911. They put out false terror threats when Bush's poll numbers were dropping or when they have to get the American people's attention off of whatever scandal is in the news at the time, they say they caught another al Qaeda leader. In fact, they claimed they caught the same guy twice one time. Apparently, they forgot that they announced his capture a year before.

Propaganda...that's all we get. Isn't it sad, that they would take the death of a man and use it to their advantage in order to hide behind their own bad publicity? Just like they hid the information about Pat Tillman in order to make him a hero of the war. They are despicable!