Friday, May 04, 2007

What Is More Powerful Than Prayer? Windspike's Weekend Wonderment Challenge

In the odd event you missed it, Thursday was a "National Day of Prayer." Here's how we know that our President is about image over action. He had this to say:
The greatest gift we can offer anyone is the gift of our prayers, because our prayers have power beyond our imagining.
I can think of about a dozen or so gifts that are greater than saying a prayer. Let me start and see if you can come up with some of your own.

Let's call this...drum roll please....

Windspike's Weekend Wonderment Challenge
  • Answer this question and explain in a comment to this post: What is one or so gifts that we can give that are greater than prayer?
I'll start:
  1. Not bombing the shit out of innocent civilians.
  2. Building a home for the homeless.
  3. Spending positive quality time with your family.
  4. Working toward peace instead of waging war? get the idea. It's your turn...I'll add more in a comment should it be necessary.

Blog on friends, blog on all.


hungry mike said...

how about the gift of affordable quality medical care?

or, I know.. how about the gift of making walmart away so we can employ people in this country to make thing instead of slave labor in third world countries?

hungry mike said...

sorry, make walmart GO away... forgot the most important word there.

Anonymous said...

Feed one person, for one day. (Multiply that by 300M and you get the idea.)

Commit yourself to someone's happiness, and make that commitment last a lifetime.

Consume less.

Be a good steward of the planet.

Anonymous said...

Prayer is tax deductible

The 'greatest gift' is not? I wish someone had told me before I wore out the knees in these pants. Excuse me, I have to pray not to be audited.