Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The President Specializes in Having His Cake And Eating It Too

I don't know about your house, but when the cake is gone in our home, it's gone. You don't get to admire it any more unless you go through the trouble to make another.

It appears that life is different for the President and his appointed numb-nuts in charge. Apparently, the President likes to have it both ways...we are winning the war, but there still are terrorists producing horrific results in real time about the globe.

Have a look at today's speechifying by W and expect more from W this evening as he discusses his only second veto in front of the public this evening. In nearly the same breath - in adjacent paragraphs - W tells us that we are winning, and then that we should still be very, very afraid...
There has been a decline in sectarian violence. And in some areas of the capital, Iraqis are returning to their neighborhoods with an increased feeling of security.

Terrorists and the extremists continue to unleash horrific acts of violence.
Really, it's the continuous presentation of this dichotomy that make my stomach turn. How can we be winning, but at the same time losing? Bingo you say! It's the W, Rove and Co way! Shovelfuls of American Taxpayer dollars are being disappeared before we even print it in order to support this un-winnable war.

Frankly, I'm getting very tired of the "we're winning but we must still fear" proposition. From it, there is no end. We can't force a loss when we area already losing, can we?

If you think about it, as presented, W's position sits atop an untenable proposition. Even so, his adoring public laps it as their lives, peace, love, freedom and security depend up the W, Rove and Co as if they are the lone and only qualified providers and guarantors of homeland security.

But fortunately for us, the Constitution will endure, and there will be a change in regime by peaceful means. At the end of his tenure, when W and the Rove and Co. pass the buck to the next administration, we may see a real change in the strategy. The fact that Congress is standing up to the W, Rove and Co is an indication that perhaps, the tide is turning for this administration.

What say you?

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Anonymous said...

Where would Bush be without terror?

Fear, Osama's best friend, brought to you fresh daily by your President, keeping them both in power.

Bush's inspired lie.

''We have taken the fight to the enemy where they live, so we don't have to face them where we live.''

Anonymous said...

Other voices

"Beyond the Euphrates began for us the land of mirage and danger, the sands where one helplessly sank, and the roads which ended in nothing. The slightest reversal would have resulted in a jolt to our prestige giving rise to all kinds of catastrophe; the problem was not only to conquer but to conquer again and again, perpetually; our forces would be drained off in the attempt."

Emperor Hadrian AD 117-138