Saturday, May 19, 2007

Iraq, The Up Side: W's Got Himself A Winning Job Creation Strategy

If you are an optimist, or you're a "half glass full" kinda guy, one way to look at Iraq is as a place of fantastic job opportunity. As of the start of this year, 146 new jobs vacancies were created for contractors there. Want to go? The pay is apparently good."
The insurgents are going after the softest targets and the contractors are softer targets than the military. The U.S. is being more aggressive over there and these contractor deaths go right along with it."
-LAWRENCE J. KORB, former assistant secretary of defense for manpower during the Reagan administration.


Anonymous said...

They're even looking for software developers. The ads are coming up on sites like Slashdot--enterprise applications and...get this "troubleshooting". That last one being more true than most people could probably imagine.

Mariamariacuchita said...

So how much is the money worth if you are dead within 6 months?