Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Is Tony Snow Lying Again?

Found this on today's text from the Tony the Snow-job's Whitehouse whitewashing of the news:
Q Tony, I noticed on one of your press releases today about Lieutenant General Lute that there were several quotes -- you may have done this in the past, but there were quotes from General Petraeus saying how great he is, and Ambassador Crocker. Are these things -- you have your press office solicit quotes from people, particularly someone in uniform, to make positive comments about people you know?

MR. SNOW: No, I don't know how the quotes came about. We didn't do it out of the White House press office. But on the other hand --
The senior press secretary for the president who just appointed a "War Czar" didn't know about how certain quotes supporting Lute "came about?" Come on, how stupid do you think we are Tony? What say you blogisphere? Is Tony lying?

Another interesting question emerged later in the press briefing...
Q Tony, on the newly created Lute position, is the President adding a new layer of bureaucracy in an attempt to cut through the bureaucracy?

MR. SNOW: That's an interesting way of putting it. What he's doing, I think, is adding -- what he's doing is he's just creating an action officer who can actually deal with the people involved on the ground, to make sure that you've got the proper kind of information flow, you're getting the inputs you need to make the proper judgments about what's working and what's not -- if something is not working, you adjust, and if people need additional assistance in order to get their mission done properly, you try to provide it.
Well, that does it for me...that justifies bigger government brought to you by the supposedly "small" government party. Why aren't there more GOP members disavowing this administration is beyond me as the W, Rove and Co has abandoned just about everything it means to be a good republican, haven't they?

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