Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The President Introduces His New Scapegoat-in-Waiting

Voila - we introduce another level of beuracracy from the party that pretends to be about smaller, more efficient government. Really, if you ask me, W's just looking for a scapegoat to blame things on if the "surge" doesn't go well.
In his new position, General Lute will be the full-time manager for the implementation and execution of our strategies for Iraq and Afghanistan, and will manage the interagency policy development process for these two theaters, working closely with my National Security Advisor Steve Hadley, members of my Cabinet, and me.
I thought we already had a "war czar" and his name was Mr. President.

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Anonymous said...

Lute, get me an exit strategy.

''Same-Day Service'' Goal. General Lute has the authority to receive and facilitate requests from General Petraeus, Admiral William Fallon, and the U.S. Ambassadors in Iraq and Afghanistan. His goal in this regard will be ''same-day service''.

Predicted lifespan of Lute in new job?