Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Handful of Interesting Slices

From the "who's on our side" department:
Those abducted include four bodyguards from security company GardaWorld and a finance expert.

Witnesses and sources told the BBC that the kidnappers wore police uniforms and arrived in up to 40 police vehicles.
And now, several slices from the Democratic Veteran that a friend pointed me to this day.

First, thanks Mr. President and The Big Dick Cheney:
We still have, unfortunately, new reasons to commemorate the fallen because they are still, well, dying.

Thanks a lot you two draft-dodging sons-of-bitches and your enablers. None of the men and women killed will have a chance to grow old and filthy rich like Five-deferment Dick or become President. Instead they get to die in some shit-hole country caught in a millenia-old civil war that will certainly not be ended this year or next or even a decade or more from now.

And to think, they have you two to thank for that.
Second,why do we pay privateers to do our dirty work (Read, Blackwater getting US Military Air support)?
Yeah, see? That raises some rather sharp questions to my mind, not the least of which is why if these are ostensibly "private" contractors they are getting air support in the form of AH-64s, and couldn't (and shouldn't) that air support be reserved exclusively for our troops and not the employees of large campaign contributors?
And finally, regarding our "scapegoats-in-training:"
I'm guessing that any failures (or notable lack of progress) by the mythical September deadline will be blamed on (1)The Democrats (2) the "War Czar" (3) General Petraeus and/or (4) al-Maliki. Mix and match the order at your pleasure, because none of the blame will land with the idiot bastard son of a bitch in Oval Office.
Very interesting slices, no? I'm blogrolling DV for future connectivity.

And here's one I found a little later in the day, summing up the frustration at the existing geopolitical situation:
We should be ashamed of a political system favors valueless whores over people of principle. We should be ashamed that many of us can't, or won't, put ourselves on the line to try and do better. We should be ashamed of a Democratic leadership that lacks the will to bring our troops home, and we should be ashamed of ourselves for electing them.
Provocative, no?

Blog on friends, blog on all.

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