Wednesday, May 02, 2007

And Yet, W Still Manages To Find Friendly Choirs To Preach To

I am completely astonished, but they couldn't have pitched bigger and slower softballs for the President to hit if they were paying people to do it. Where do they find these people?

One day, the President is actually going to find himself in front of an audience that is going to ask him some difficult questions, but alas, today's not that day. And, his handlers wouldn't let it happen in a million years.

I'll spare you the usual A to the Q & A as it's more of the same fear mongering and deceit. But here are the Q's. If they don't leave you flabbergasted, I don't know what will:

Q Thank you. In May of 2006, my second cousin was on his second tour in Iraq. Corporal Cory Palmer, he's in the Marines, he was on patrol in a Humvee, and they ran over a roadside bomb. He and many others in that Humvee perished. What do I need to do, what does the media need to do to help you, so that my second cousin, and others like him, have not died or been injured in vain?

Q I'd like to know, like a lot of other people in this room, we have family members -- we have family members who are actively involved in the security of this country in various ways. From them, we've received positive information that we consider credible, who say about the success and the good things that are happening as a result of us being in Iraq. I would like to know why and what can be done about we, the American people, receiving some of that information more from the media, or (inaudible.) (Applause.)

Q We're General Contractors of America, and what are we doing -- I don't hear anything about the reconstruction of Iraq. Could you fill us in on that? Are we doing enough, as general contractors? And we are at your disposal.

And second is a personal question. What do you pray about, and how we can we pray for you?

Q You talked about the terror of 9/11, and what I wanted to share with you, my wife and I had our first child two months after 9/11. We named her Grace, because we felt that the world needed some grace at the time. And what I wanted to (inaudible) is the fact that our appreciation and keeping my family and also the families of America safe for the past five years is (inaudible).
That's about par for the course - three people, three slow pitches. Did you fill your vomit bag yet?

Blog on friends, blog on all.

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