Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Box For Mommy

Dear Mr. President Bush,

Last year at this time, we sent my mommy a Mother's Day care package so it would reach her unit in Baghdad in time for the holiday. We had to squeeze our hugs over the internet. They didn't fit.

This year, she was supposed to be home from her last tour of duty in time for us to hug her in person. We had big plans to celebrate her all day. But thanks to your war in Iraq, she got the gift of a three month extension to her tour. This turned out to be a hand full of days too long. And instead, she came home from Baghdad in a flag draped box.

Can you explain to me one more time what this “noble” cause is that my mommy was killed for? What's going on over there?

Let me tell you this, Mr. President Bush; I would trade all of Iraq for one more hug from my mommy on Mother's day. Meanwhile, we go to the cemetery today to hug the cold gravestone in the garden of stones.

Thank you very much, Mr. President...For nothing.

Miserably yours,

Jessica (8th grader)

P.S. This is a fictitious letter that I crafted as I reflected on my AM run one day. I do apologize in advance for not being present for the ensuing discourse as I will be out camping for the weekend. Feel free to grab this for your blog and distribute it widely as I don't think many 8th graders with similar experiences will have their voices lifted for them.


Aaron A. said...

True, True...

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