Friday, June 23, 2006

Who Says The NY Times Doesn't Have a Sense Of Humor

I love this juxtaposition on the editorial page today."Comforting the Comfortable" versus "Afflicting the Afflicted."Sounds like GOP SOP, if you ask me. Look at their actions and you can discern their values:
Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed an estate-tax cut that is a repeal in everything but name. The so-called compromise would exempt more than 99.5 percent of estates from tax, slash the tax rates on the rest and cost at least $760 billion during its first full decade. Of that, $600 billion is the amount the government would have to borrow to make up for lost revenue from the cuts, which would benefit the heirs of America's wealthiest families, like the Marses of Mars bar and the Waltons of Wal-Mart Stores. The remaining $160 billion is the interest on that borrowing, which would be paid by all Americans.
A bill sponsored by Edward Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, to increase the minimum wage by $2.10 over two years drew the support this week of 52 senators, including eight Republicans, but Republican leaders threw up procedural barriers. And in the House, Republican leaders are not letting a minimum-wage increase come to a vote, apparently because it would pass.

8:45 PM update. Neil, over at his location had this to say about the same issue...had me rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter:
How the representatives of "The People" can continually fuck "The People" in the ass while at the same time giving a succulent blowjob to the richest one per cent in this country is far beyond the left-field porch of my comprehension.

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Anonymous said...

If you hadn't already mentioned that it was the NYT, I would have assumed that this headlines came from the SFGate. It's exactly the kind of cheeky banners they use.