Friday, June 16, 2006

Five Hours In Iraq, And The President Deserves Another Vacation

So, after a hard, challenging week - well, okay maybe I'm being a little facetious here - which included a wonderfully and highly successful PR junket to Baghdad, what's a president to do? I know: Do a little fundraising for fellow, reichwing fundamentalists up for re-election and then retreat to your ranch for a little R & R:
Right now we're on our way to Seattle, where the President will attend a reception for the Friends of Dave Reichert, Congressman Dave Reichert, and then we're on our way to New Mexico, where he will make remarks at the Heather Wilson for Congress Reception. That is expanded press pool coverage, so you'll meet up with your colleagues there. Both of those members of Congress are on board with us today traveling. And then the President travels to Texas, where he will spend the weekend at the ranch.
It's times like this that I wish we had a similar procedure like a vote of no-confidence available in parliamentary governments because I sure want to vote these bastards out and wish I didn't have to wait until November to do it.


isabelita said...

And may he get seriously entangled in deadly brush.

Anonymous said...

Bush was in Iraq?

Bush was in the 'Green Zone.' If that's Iraq, it's a small country already pacified.

Aside: One complaint of the US Military (and the Adminstration) is that there isn't enough reporting on the good things we're doing there. '4000 airplanes landed sucessfully today.' Alone, the reporters can't leave the Green Zone. The situation may be even worse than currently reported.