Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One Fundamental Problem with The Bush Administration

It's in statements like the following where we uncover the fundamental problems with the W, Rove and Co:
And we worked for a man who had inherited a damaged office and who swiftly and successfully restored authority, dignity, and respect to the presidency
This is the Big Dick Cheney spouting off one more time in front of a friendly audience and referencing Gerald Ford's Administration. What's the problem with this statement you ask?

Well, in my view, it demonstrates yet again the warped system of values that places people over the institutions that outlast them. That is, I would have to disagree that Ford took over a "damaged office." In fact, I would go further to suggest that Nixon's actions stained only his own honor, not that of the presidency - the very office for which he stood. That fact that Nixon had the honor to stand down for his illegal actions (unlike some presidents) may well have boosted the power and strength of the office.

Indeed, Cheney's train of thinking permeates the W, Rove and Co and leads them to conduct unbecoming of the office simply because they believe it is the right thing to do even despite that fact that their actions undermine constitutional justice and all that is right (as in correct, not the politically co-opted term stolen by the GOP) with America. The perfect example is using warrantless wiretaps to surveil Americans. This is anti-constitutional and illegal. But the W, Rove and Co. justify it as necessary and proper because they believe it to be.

Indeed, perhaps, it's because Ford pardoned Nixon that he may have lost that election in 1978. The interests of our nation might have been better served if he let Nixon serve time for his crimes. Perhaps then we would know that it is the position, not the man that temporarily occupies its seat, that is most important. And then "we the people" would be empowered to hold our Presidents to the highest of ethical and legal standards.

Instead, we have the W, Rove and Co continuously placing themselves above the laws of the land in a trade off that is a devil's bargain for the soul of America. And if our soul is tarnished by their actions, might not the terrorist have actually won regardless who occupies Iraq?

I am certain that others in the blogisphere can point out other fundamental problems/flaws with the W, Rove and Co (e.g. their propensity to lie to the press and the American people, for one example). I leave it to the commentators to add to the list or argue the point.

Blog on all.

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Anonymous said...

In fact, I would go further to suggest that Nixon's actions stained only his own honor, not that of the presidency - the very office for which he stood.

This is an excellent observation. I once blogged that Bush is in many ways worse than Nixon, and not just because his numbers are lower or that he has done more damange to the Constitution. The man himself brings disgrace on the office, as you so rightly point out.