Thursday, June 08, 2006

PR Or Selling Soap? Politicizing The Killing Of Zarqawi

Here's an interesting stumble on the part of Mr. Tony the Snow-Job:
Q You've talked about the PR effect of this -- you talked that it sends a signal and a message --

MR. SNOW: Let me -- I want to be careful. This is not PR. PR is selling soap. This is trying to build a basis for democracy. I really wouldn't want to dismiss what has happened -- this was not a PR move. This was an important security move going after the guy who amounted to the top field general for terror in Iraq. Go ahead.
So, if the whole thing is not about the proper delivery of such dramatic propaganda, why would the president wait to deliver the message almost a full 12 hours to the American people?
Q Tony, so the news was learned by the President, I take it, at 9:20 p.m., but the White House doesn't announce it for several hours. Could you say what the thinking was about how to announce it? You could have broken in --

MR. SNOW: We could have, but we thought we'd let you sleep. No, it was decided that the Prime Minister of Iraq ought to announce this important development on Iraqi soil. And so you saw the press conference with the Prime Minister and General Casey where they announced it.
I see, because it's politically smarter to have the Iraqi Prime Minister deliver the message? So, isn't that a very political PR move, but you are calling it something else? One other question for us to mull over here - is it a dramatic sign of weakness that the PM of Iraq rather than the "leader" of the free world, GW Bush, was the first to deliver this message?

Interestingly, its the W, Rove and Co - the self-professed believers that is wrong to play politics - proving once again that they are not beneath the playing of politics with the killing Zarqawi. So, next time they suggest it is wrong to "play politics," we can just bring up this snazzy example of how they tried to sell us the killing of Zarqawi as something wonderful in their billions upon billions of dollars lost on a (not to mention real American lives lost because of the) "war on terror" game.


glenda said...

When I heard Rumsfield on the radio this morning coyly discussing how he was going to pay the $25 million dollar reward to the person who turnd Zarqawi in, the giddiness was almost too much.
That would fund how many teachers in a year?

Anonymous said...

If wishes were horses, who wouldn't ride

On the link: ''MR. SNOW: That's a good question. Okay, in what way does it turn the tide? Several ways, really. First, you have a brand new government; you have a defense minister and you have an interior minister. Both of them are going to have to work together in fighting violence, in fighting terrorists within their midst. A police force is going to have to be able to keep the peace while also observing and respecting human rights. And that kind of a signal -- if people believe they can trust the police to turn over the terrorists in their midst, [then] that's an important breakthrough.'' [Emphasis added.]

If we can manufacture this soap, it will get the dirt out.

pissed off patricia said...

good one, anon