Tuesday, July 05, 2005

W in Drag?

W, doing his best Scarlett O'Hara drag, or is he giving yet another ridiculous speech? No one likes a heterosexual in drag, let alone a "conservative"...but I digress.

Let's see, we invade Iraq, and that is simililar to the American Revolution, how?

The challenges that America faces in Iraq, President Bush said at an outdoor rally here on Monday, are like those that confronted the country on its first Independence Day.

"On July 4, 1776, more than five years of the Revolutionary War still lay ahead," Mr. Bush said.

"From the battle of New York, to the winter at Valley Forge, to the victory at Yorktown, our forefathers faced terrible losses and hardships. Yet they kept their resolve," he said. "They kept their faith in a future of liberty, and with their hard-won victory, we guaranteed a home for the Declaration's proposition that all are created equal.

End Slice:

If you ask me, this man is working to denegrate our forefathers and severly under represents the work that true Patriots did to build this great nation.


Anonymous said...

Bush rallys Iraqi insurgents

The British aren't celebrating July 4, 1776. Our forefathers were insurgents.

Did the French invade the USA in 1776?
Does Bush know which side we're on in Iraq?

aerojad said...

The picture is brilliant, but his speech was absolutely not. My head still hurts from trying to wonder if there was some sort of connection to our revolution, and then I realised there is one: We're getting beaten just like the Brits did here, way back when. Great moral booster!

Nedhead said...

I don't even know what to say. This man, and his supporters, are insane. Really. To even begin to draw parallels to the Revolutionay War.....

Jet said...

I'm beginning to feel like we need to rise up against King George ourselves.