Saturday, July 02, 2005

Now is the Time for the Self Proclaimed "Uniter" to do just That - Or can he?

With Sandy D out the door, and Rehnquist on his last leg, W, Rove and Co have the spotlight. It's their choice. They can choose wisely, or not.

They are either going to foul the SCOTUS up for the next thirty years with their brand of Activists, or dare we be optimisitic, perhaps they might elevate a moderate to left leaning judge (if that is possible to find outside of San Francisco) to fill the current vacancy and the pending one.
"Everyone was expecting a conservative replacing Rehnquist. Now you have the question of a woman or a minority for the swing vote on the Supreme Court. That's a sensitivity the White House will really have to grapple with." KENNETH M. DUBERSTEIN, White House chief of staff under President Ronald Reagan.
But if Reagan can do it, can't this administration, or do they lack the sensitivity?

Can W perform as the "Uniter" he professes to be, or will he further cleave this country down party and theocratic lines? Do we think this administration is smart enough to elevate two positive judges to the SCOTUS, or will they shrink into their theocratic ideology and nominate Activist Judges that will work to hammer their square version of what is "right" into the round hole that the Constitution provides. If past performance is any indication, the battle is going to be long, bitter, divisive.

Here are two judges that would be fun to have on the SCOTUS to square out the balance, but they most certainly will be too lesbian to qualify for consideration.

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Anonymous said...

Don't count your chickens before they're hatcheted

Appointing one Justice to the court is a more complex problem than appointing two. With two, Bush can offend and please two different constituencies. With one, he must choose between pleasing his supporters or unifying his detractors.

E. g., appoint a religious rightist who would overturn Roe v. Wade. His supporters would like it. Women might not. Women are half the vote and could easily go higher. An activist conservative could easily assert state's rights and take the government's hand off medical marijuana.

Karl Rove could go to jail. But not likely were he to be appointed to the court.

Man on a high ledge

Choices, choices. Bush has work to do. He's never been on his own before. He's always counted on others to roll his chestnuts out of the fire. This will be interesting.