Wednesday, July 06, 2005


In today's parlance, what does the label "Conservative," mean?

I was thinking about this on my AM run. Usually, I like those in favor of conservation - land, open space, green space, energy, money, water, etc... But the dissonence for me has been in the actions taken by self proclaimed conservatives that is anything but related to conservation of any kind. As the President of the USA ratchets up the National Debt after being left with fiscal surplus under Clinton, isn't the label conservative really a misnomer for persons in the W, Rove and Co?

What is wrong with the so called Conservatives in America and why are the real ones letting their leadership go so far astray of the Conservative Agenda?


Nedhead said...

Man, you hit the nail on the head. I don't think there are many true "coservatives" out there. Plenty of neocons, which are a totally different breed, and plenty of religious right-wingers. But not many conservatives.

I always thought conservativism also included minimizing the involvement of government in the minutae of your life, yet our current government has an emergency session to discuss a personal tragedy (Schiavo) and passes legislation that allows big brother to check on my library readings (Patriot Act). Shame, shame. It is time for true conservatives to stand up and protect this nation from the clowns at the helm!

SheaNC said...

Well, you probably know my rant: the republican party is no longer conservative by any stretch of the imagination. It has been usurped by the neocons. Goldwater would choke if he could see what they have done to his party. Those who call themselves conservative have redefined that word, along with "liberal" and others, to conform to their agenda. It's pitiful.