Friday, July 08, 2005

Five Questions

Whilst I'm out of touch, I thought I list five questions I have been mulling over lately to let the discourse continue in the comment area. Please respond at will to the following questions:
1 - Are the current batch of "Conservatives" in elected office truly conservative?

2 - Is Karl Rove a National hero or some brand of evil?

3 - If Karl Rove is truly behind dirty politics and unethical (and some would consider illegal) activities sprung from the Whitehouse, why is it that he has never been caught with his hand in the cookie jar?

4 - How are we going to extricate our troops from Iraq without screwing the Iraqis doing it?

5 - What is it about W that cause ordinarily smart thinking people to fall in line and support him, still?


Michael Jones said...

1. Depends on the issue and your definition of the word. They're not conservatives I can respect at least. I can at least tolerate fiscal conservatives (they're not) ecological conservatives (definitely not) and social libertarians (ditto.)

2. Evil, but there's nothing necessarily wrong with that. Evil's part of the job description.

3. He's behind it. But he's too good to get caught. So far. The more power goes to his head, the more likely he'll get cocky and stupid. Was Plame that? Hard to say.

4. If there was an easy answer to this, they wouldn't call it a quagmire.

5. Part smarminess, part fear, part no convincing alternative.

SheaNC said...

1. No

2. Evil

3. Powerful friends

4. Too late

5. Partison loyalty?

OC said...

1 - The GOP is currently being led by an extreme-right minority. Their views are radical, not conservative or moderate. They're conservatives by GOP affiliation only.

2 - I don't know that I would call him evil, but he damned sure isn't a hero. He's a greedy powermonger whose sole interest is to serve the extreme right, no matter the cost.

3 - He's surrounded and extremely well insulated by like-minded people. It's not possible for him to be the sole person involved in the Plame leak and all the voting improprieties in the last election. It's in the interests of every other person involved in his shady dealings to keep him safe.

4 - The current administration cannot. They're too wrapped up and dedicated to the lies and other deceits surrounding the occupation. It's going to take a new administration, one that has no culpability in the war, to get us out.

5 - Shortsighted party loyalty. I know a lot of Republicans who have no love the Bush and his cronies, but most of them are blindly happy that their party has had control of the government for so long. That's enough for them. It simply doesn't occur to them that their party can be on the wrong side.

Anonymous said...

2. Karl Rove

Karl could go down for espionage.