Thursday, July 21, 2005

Supporting the Troops?

I spotted this bumper sticker on an Nissan Armada while out and about last week. There was nary a yellow ribbon to be found. I was a bit confused.

Sure, it's got a nice military olive drab hue . And, obviously, the owner likes the W, Rove and Co. But, do you think they really support our troops given that they drive this gas guzzler (bear in mind that the Armada is the largest vehicle that Nissan makes and gets a reported 13 in town MPG)?


pia said...

My sister lives on Long Island. After 9/11 she had a theory that the bigger the SUV--the more American flags would be on the car, and the SUV would flaunt as many rules as possible

We actually spent a day pursuing this theory; she was right

homebrewer2005 said...



I've been looking around here in Central Texas, and it's true here too!

SheaNC said...

That rule holds true where I live, too. That SUV isn't supporting the troops, but it is suppoorting the Bush-Cheney perpetual oil war 8^)