Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rove the Albatross

Perhaps Rove, who once brought great fame and fortune to the Bush Administration and their faithful (Halliburton and the remainder of the war machine capitalist set), will soon bring the stench of death and bad luck as did the summarily killed albatross in Coleridge's famous poem.

As Rove rots, hung round W's neck, perhaps then we will come to know the full truth revealing the ill gotten bounty and blood soaked dollars smashing against the sharp shoals of ethics and moral living espoused but unpracticed by this group.

Let us hope that the smaller of ships is the one that sinks rather than the whole of the mighty America, for we certainly cannot afford to let the albatross foul our fine country. It is time for the republican majority to rid our fair nation of the dead albatross. It is their beast made and their burden to rectify.


Guppyman said...

Gee... If you really thought Rove was a problem for the GOP.... you'd think you'd encourage him to stay as long as possible.

windspike said...

Actually guppy, I think Rove is a problem for America. But, he is a product of the GOP, and like Iraq, remains their responsiblity to clean up.

Nedhead said...

Very poetic windspike, professional writer perchance?

I feel more fatalistic about the Bushco train. It will continue on, unabated till the term runs out. That camp is very loyal to one another, and little things like integrity, or honesty, aren't going to get in the way or slow it down.

The true damage of their actions to our country cannot be known at this time. We will have to wait and look back years from now to see the fruit born of this. Maybe sooner: I have a huge family reunion in Italy latter this summer. My own family there is nervous: Americans are coming! Never before have I been nervous to travel there, now I am not so sure. My own cousins there have joked that we should try to pass ourselves off as Canadians. How sad......

But I suppose Bushco don't care. They are unwilling to acknowledge we live in a global community.