Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Not from this Planet

Amrstrong is poised to bust open a whole new classification of super human capacities. This from his teammate who won today's stage:
"It's true - there is only one Lance Armstrong. The more I watch him the more I realize that he's not from this planet," said Savoldelli, a two-time winner of the Giro d'Italia, in 2002 and 2005.


pia said...

he is sort of superhuman, yet human (the cancer fits both categories) the divorce humanizes him as does the remarriage

morealyera said...

what a great quote!

SheaNC said...

True story: I heard on a television news broadcast that doctors examined Lance Armstrong to determine what physycal assets he had to give him an advantage in the sport. It turns out that he has an unusually large heart, veins/arteries, etc. Basically, he has a super-efficient circulatory system which allows oxygen to be processed much more efficiently, resulting in such things as being able to race uphill without becoming short of breath, as would his peers. Interesting, no?