Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Brits plan to Leave Iraq, Why Can't We?

Hat tip to Aerojad for pointing out this article:
The Ministry of Defence has drafted plans for a significant withdrawal of British troops from Iraq over the next 18 months and a big deployment to Afghanistan, the Financial Times has learnt.

In what would represent the biggest operational shake-up involving the armed forces since the Iraq war, the first stage of a run-down in military operations is likely to take place this autumn with a handover of security to Iraqis in at least two southern provinces.

Defence officials emphasised that all plans for Iraqi deployments were contingent on the ability of domestic security forces to assume peacekeeping duties from UK troops. Iraqi forces have so far proven unable to take over such roles in areas where the insurgency is most intense, and progress has disappointed coalition officials.

But senior UK officers believe the four south-east provinces under UK command, which are largely Shia and have not seen the same violence as more Sunni-dominated areas north of Baghdad, may be ready for a handover earlier than those under US command.
This sounds like a decent plan, and more bad news for the US - meaning, we won't be getting our troops home or out of Iraq, at least, any time soon.


Nedhead said...

We can't leave because we are being led by those who are blind to reality. Unfortunately, we will stay the course, damn the consequences. We can huff and puff all we want, but facts mean nothing to the people in power. We are an island unto ourselves and don't need no stinking badges to do what we want. What does world opinion mean? Nothing, apparently, they are all wrong and Bush is all right.

I can only pray for our future, because the current is a nicely paved six lane highway right into hell.

aerojad said...

...and in the miracle of blogging, and things that tell you whom links to whom, I can show up and thank you for the hat tipping :)

Anonymous said...

The attack of the demented brooms

An anonymous Col said of Iraqi insurgents, ''Every time I kill one, that creates more more.''

One must be careful about killing people in tribal societies. Unless there's local agreement that those killed needed killing the death creates a blood feud, old testament types whose idea of justice is an eye for an eye. Iraq is a WYSIWYG demo of the world in a pre-law state.