Monday, July 04, 2005

Flying Flags at Half Staff over the Fourth of July Holiday

I can't recall where I saw this idea, but those of you with actual flag poles can make a strong statement by flying your American Flag at half mast over the holiday, given Tuesday's suggestion by W.

For me, this acomplishes three things:
1) Shows respect for the GIs that have given their lives,

2) Honors the Declaration of Independence and the birth of our Country,

And, 3) points out that you believe that the decision to go into Iraq was the wrong one.

The one caveat here is that now that we are in the terrorist's quicksand, stuck in the Iraqi quagmire, we must be responsible for our actions, and clean up the mess with a smart exit strategy.


Nedhead said...

I skimmed through the proposed exit strategy. Doesn't seem all that unreasonable and at least it provides a starting point. I don't see any of the more powerful political parties presenting anything near what the Libertarians are proposing.

Does this administration need a horrendous disaster to see things a bit more clearly? I truly hope not.

Brian King said...

Thanks for dropping your comment on UT. Good idea for the 4th, I'd like to see that enacted all across the country and then see how Rove and Co. give it a positive spin.

zandperl said...

I'm sure Dubya et al would just ignore the protest aspect and play it up as respecting the military or somesuch.

Pryncess Kat said...

So...what's your opinion on W picking 2 new Supreme Court Justices? They're expecting "what's his face" to retire sometime in July....and now with S D O'C retiring....

SheaNC said...

"Does this administration need a horrendous disaster to see things a bit more clearly?" - This administration needs horrendous disasters to manipulate public opinion and bolster support whenever a new scandal pops up or they pull some other bonehead stunt that rouses people from their collective patriolobotomies. Distasters make great diversions, and are really handy as a catalyst for implementing the reichwing's goals.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Here, Here.

atomicvelvetsigh said...

ohh.. cant seem to place a comment on the pic of Robert Smith... look at this other pic i have here

pia said...

Don't usually wander around the internet pushing other people's work but Mulligan (Can't keep quiet) has a great abstract of the 9/11 Commission Report

And I think flying the flag at half mast is a great idea but would be lost on the other W

Lietta Ruger said...

It is possible you saw the suggestions here;

Mr President I'll fly my flag at half staff July 4

Open Letter to the President; see it at my blog and also at where it was published. Also at

and as ltte published in couple of newspapers in state where I live and picked up by some other blogs and networks.

After the fact now, but I had hoped the idea would be a visual over July 4 weekend.

Mr President, I'll fly my flag at half staff on July 4

I was struck by the demeanor of the 700 soldiers in dress uniform attending the President's speech last night at Ft Bragg. They were polite. The singular time there was applause came at the prompting of a White House Advance team person.

The soldiers were the dignity and nobility in that room last night. Their Commander in Chief, our President seems to have a way with exploiting the dignity of our military and our loved ones deployed who are doing the grist of the 'hard work' . The litany of disrespect shown to our troops by this President and this administration is a wearisome and growing list.

There will be much said about the President's speech and I took my own notes. I will do as the President asked and fly my flag on July 4th. I will fly it at half staff in respect for the fallen soldiers, for the fallen ideals of what the United States of America has come to represent, and as an effort to represent with dignity the soldiers who fight under the auspices of our flag and do so in honor, integrity and good faith. They are doing their job and their Commander, the President, needs to do them justice by doing his job.

I will fly my flag for them, Mr President, in respect for them. I will fly it at half staff. Would that you would so order, in the deepest respect, that Americans fly their flags on the Fourth of July at half staff to honor the troops who are doing the job with their very lives.

I have checked the protocols regarding the flag and checked with my Governor's office and there is no penalty or wrongdoing if I choose to fly my flag at half staff and when I indicated my reasons for wanting to do so I was given a welcome to do so....

Lietta Ruger, military family, 2 Iraq veterans facing second deployments to Iraq

windspike said...

Dear Lietta,

Thanks for linking up and posting the comment. My brother was deployed to Iraq in this and the last Bush war. Only those with family serving in the "volunteer" segment of the military can understand what you are experiencing.

I surffed over to check out your blog, but noticed you are a part of many. Is there one that you suggest to readers as your best?

Blog on.