Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When Will The New DoJ Issue Some Subpoenas?

When do we get to see some high profile perp walks?
In an interview with National Public Radio this week, Mr. Gonzales attacked President Obama’s choice for attorney general, Eric Holder, for saying that waterboarding is torture. To hear Mr. Gonzales tell it, Mr. Holder was in the wrong — not the lawyers like Mr. Gonzales who tortured the law to justify torture, or the former defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, who approved its use, or the interrogators who actually subjected detainees to waterboarding and other inhumane and illegal interrogation techniques.

Making a “blanket pronouncement like that,” Mr. Gonzales warned, might affect “the morale and dedication” of intelligence officials. He said agents at the Central Intelligence Agency “no longer have any interest in doing anything controversial.”

We’re certainly glad to hear that.

No one in the Bush administration — certainly not Mr. Gonzales — has offered evidence that torturing prisoners produced reliable information. It did undermine the law, further endanger American soldiers who might be captured in the field and destroy the nation’s image.
Sticking to the talking points of a decrepit and archaic, not to mention barbaric, system seems to be also those things. More importantly, it (meaning the prior administration's actions) could involve a clear violation of the law.

I'm voting for Obama to prove that no one is above the law - including former presidents who skirted and bent the law to their own ends. Some one has to hold Gonzales' feet to the fire. We need some high profile perp walks to restore the faith the American people should have in both the Department of Justice and the very Constitutional foundation of our country.

Are we a land that abides by the rule of law, or not?

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SheaNC said...

If the Dems (and independents and republicans with ethics) don't go after the war criminals, then I am giving up them for good. They said not impeaching Bush/Cheney was good strategy. But they must demonstrate that the law applies to political leaders too.

The republicans would have executed a democrat who did what they did.