Thursday, January 08, 2009

If You Are Still A Fan Of No Child Left Behind, Have A Look At This Article

No Child Left Behind, the biggest social engineering project of our time, put 50 million school children and their 3 million teachers under the gun. The law passed mainly because many people were convinced that low-income, minority students learn less than middle-class, White children because their teachers don’t try hard enough.

“The impetus for change built into NCLB was to effectively ‘shame’ schools into improvement,” wrote Susan Neuman, a former top Bush education official, after she left the government.

...The bottom line: this strategy doesn’t work.

“Vilifying teachers and saying we are going to shame them was not the right approach,” says Susan Neuman, the former Bush official.
The scientific proof it's not working are simply outlined in the graphs in the body of the article. Click over if you dare.

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