Friday, January 23, 2009

Forced to Depend on the Mainstream Media

As a long time blogger (some may call me a dinosaur given the length of my tenure on line), I'm not used to depending on the mainstream media for my information. I typically like to go to places as close to the original source as possible for my "news." Unfortunately, it's the 23rd of January, and the last entry on the new Whitehouse web location (blogs and otherwise) are from one to two days ago. This does not constitute keeping up with the times in my book.

Certainly there are some major things happening with the Obama administration, but it's difficult for us ordinary citizens to get the news unfiltered, and now we are needing to lean on the MSM a bit more heavily that we are used to. And, for me, there is a certain layer of mistrust that pours a dose of cynicism on my belief that the "news" is really news.

Hopefully, the folks working for Obama can be a bit more swift in posting executive orders and proclamations as well as the verbatim text of any news conferences. Otherwise, "we the people" will have to wait for regurgitated news, filtered, watered down, and cut to twenty second sound bites. And in this trying time, I prefer my truths unvarnished and delivered in their entirety.

One example of this is that I heard on NPR this morning that Obama signed an executive order to close Gitmo - but there's no mention of it where you think it aught be linked as of my writing this post.

For some one who proclaims to want to run a transparent and tightly connected operation, one or two days late on the "news" is a day late and many dollars short.

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