Thursday, January 29, 2009

Attention Republicans: Does This Man Represent You Or Disparage Your Ilk

Holy Crap. If this is what passes muster for upstanding political debate and quality argument on the behalf of republicans everywhere, the GOP is doomed to the dustbin of history. With the regime change, I thought we kicked to the curb all these nut balls who believe that if they don't like some one's opinion that it is okay to disparage them as a means of defeating their position.

If I call you names does that make my position correct? Hell no. Republicans need to give this Rovian gambit a rest. It's doing the GOP no good, destroying their credibility, and been sullying the reputation of America abroad for lo about 8 years.

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Birds of a feather

PJTramdack's comment on: Kristol Severs Ties With the N.Y. Times at 1/27/2009 8:46 AM EST

"I'm sad. Billy's dream of power leached out of his columns like body fluids from a stinking cadaver. Kristol was Palin's biggest champion besides Rush. He imagined himself boppin' around the White House makin' policy, zoomin' off to Israel as a special envoy, callin' out weak-kneed legislators in menacing tones-- on the phone of course.

"In person, he is such a repellent, toxic vampire, that he would only last about two hours in a real-life business situation before being bodily kicked out on the street with a bloody nose.

"I will miss him, I admit it. I used to get pumped up reading his preposterous rantings, and I loved to sling gratuitous insults in the comments section, he was such an easy mark.

"Bill Kristol is an exemplar of why we must value our free press; why we must embrace our freedom of speech and hold it to our hearts, and cherish it. There he was, trotting out his delusions of greatness, imagining his triumph and eventual apotheosis when the country would be ruled permanently by the crafty, egoist manipulators of the poorest, whitest, most racist and most ignorant citizens, the GOP's base and the future of the Party.

"There he was to be, squiring his creation, the statuesque Princess Sara, in the Corridors of Power, his blinding teeth and shirt, preceeding them into the room. Ah, the dream. The dream of what could have been, if only The People had proved themselves more ignorant and racist than they were.

"And here he is now, reduced to sputtering on Fox's Comedy Hour, just another foul-trousered pantaloon, burlesquing his way into the neocon Pantheon of Failure-- excuses, excuses.

"I will miss Billy."