Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is There Anything More Ironic (or Perhaps Moronic) Than Blogging About Blogging?

One of my pet peeves is bloggers who blog about blogging. Even so, a friend of mine sent me a link to a blogger who long about 2003 posted his "final" post. Of course, that resolution was broken and he's still at it. I myself have contemplated shutting down or shifting the focus of this blog in particular, but always reconsider it after taking some time away from the keyboard.

Perhaps the key to longevity in blogging is having lowered expectations. As I look down the right hand column of mine own familiar (well, at least to me) location and see how many years I've been quietly tapping away at the keyboard,it's astonishing. Nearly 2.5K posts later, what's it gotten me? Not much but personal satisfaction for having spoken out.

As to if my small twig that falls in this wood is heard by any one else isn't of consequence. It's that I have said something. There in rests the difference that propels me forward onto the next post for the new day.

Of course, the famous Warhol quote is that every one will have her/his fifteen minutes. The blogosphere, being less kind than the mainstream media, suggests that you will be famous to fifteen people (which, in reality is a smaller number). As to if there is any one out there? Does that matter? Not so much.

Blog on friends, blog on all,


Oh, and this one too:

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SheaNC said...

Okay, I like to blog about blogging. Really! I think it's a fascinating, rather new phenomenon that has brought a lot of interesting behaviors and things along with it. Like guilt-blogging (feeling guilty if you don't post frequently enough). Besides that, it has had such an impact on the political scene that rightwing pundits have had to spend a lot of time in character-assasination of blogging itself. Who would've though the common commenter would rise to such heights?