Saturday, July 07, 2007

Tax and Spend Vs. No Tax And Spend Anyway

The President is busy deploying his usual smoke and mirror magic when it comes to propagating his claim of fiscal responsibility. But with the news that the number of Contractors on the government dole in Iraq out number the GIs this week, it's obvious why the W segments his speeches the way he does.

It's all about "truthiness," isn't it? But we've learned that as in the past, even if it sounds true doesn't make it so.

In today's Presidential Radio Address (come on, you know you listen...admit a closet under the stairs so no one knows), W and his crack team of propaganda writers will have you believe that if Congress controls the purse, it's a bad thing. Moreover, he suggests, one more time that tax and spend is the wrong way to go, versus what? Borrow and spend, which is the de facto practice for the W, Rove and Co.

Fiscally we are so far down the toilet, I don't know how any one will be able to pull us out with rusty plunger without taxing the crap out of the people.
Next week, my Administration will release a report called the Mid-Session Review, which will provide you with an update on our Nation's progress in meeting the goal of a balanced budget. We know from experience that when we pursue policies of low taxes and spending restraint, the economy grows, tax revenues go up, and the deficit goes down.

Democratic leaders in Congress want to take our country down a different track. They are working to bring back the failed tax-and-spend policies of the past. The Democrats' budget plan proposes $205 billion in additional domestic spending over the next five years and includes the largest tax increase in history. No nation has ever taxed and spent its way to prosperity. And I have made it clear that I will veto any attempt to take America down this road.
Simply because the president says something doesn't make it so. Ask the man for proof that tax and spend is a failed policy and then see if he can deliver. I'm not taking W on faith and neither should you, because leadership by faith over fact has gotten us into Iraq with no means of extraction.

Accordingly, the American people and any one who wishes to lead them will look bad according to the rubric set up by the President - paying your way as you go, it seems, is less responsible than borrowing your future. But ask any person who has to file for bankruptcy how shameful that practice really is. If I ran my household budget like the W runs our country, I would be in the poor house and on the street so fast, the screen door would have slapped me on the ass on the way out.

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enigma4ever said...

we are now "spending" 2 Billion a week in Iraq ( over 500 Billion has been spent - already- that we know of....) what a fiscal mess...our children will be carrying the load with us for many years to come...many....

thanks for writing on this- even though it is painful..