Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Humor Unbecoming Of A President

There is a saying my father engraved on my psyche:

What is said in jest is oft meant in leisure

Certainly, W has proven himself as a bad jester often revealing his true character in plain view. Unscripted, he's astonishing.

Have a look at this playful banter he exchanged with some members of the MSM as he cut the ribbon on the newly renovated Whitehouse press room. I'm curious as to your reaction:
Q What, do you think I'm going to ask a question?

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, I did think you were going to ask me a question, yes. (Laughter.)

Q I am. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: Well, maybe some other time.

Q Oh, but do you think you open --

THE PRESIDENT: See what I'm saying? (Laughter.)

Q You can't come to the press room, especially a modern press room --

THE PRESIDENT: Wait a minute, let's do this -- let me cut the ribbon, and --

Q You think anything has changed?

THE PRESIDENT: Let me cut the ribbon -- are you going to cut it with me, Steve -- and then why don't you all yell simultaneously? (Laughter.) Like, really loudly. (Laughter.) And that way you might get noticed.

Q It doesn't sound like you're going to answer --

THE PRESIDENT: No, I will. I'll, like, listen --

Q And leave?

THE PRESIDENT: -- internalize, play like I'm going to answer the question, and then smile at you and just say, gosh -- (laughter) -- thanks, thanks for such a solid, sound question.

Here we go, ready? I'm going to cut the ribbon. (Laughter.) Then you yell. I cogitate -- and then smile and wave. (Laughter.)

Are you going to come, Laura? Here we go.

(The President and Mrs. Bush cut the ribbon.) (Applause.)

Q -- (inaudible) --

THE PRESIDENT: Brilliant question.

Q -- (inaudible) -- cogitating that, right?

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. See you soon.

Q We look forward to seeing you come and do a little --

THE PRESIDENT: I will see you soon, thank you.

Q Y'all come back. (Laughter.)
I'm not particularly sure why I find this exchange particularly appalling, but I do. Could be that this brand of humor administered by the supposed top GOP dog is unbecoming a president. More likely, it's because the truth that is laced within it is rather disheartening.


Mary Ellen said...

Well, this is what we get when idiots elect a frat boy for President. Sad, isn't it?

Did you see that article about how Bush made some little girl cry when he brushed her off after she asked a legitimate question. He has the whole audience laugh at her. I don't know what angered me more, him or the audience. The poor kid's eyes just filled with tears.

Anonymous said...

Go with the CW

They say what's said in jest is meant in earnest.