Friday, July 27, 2007

P.S. I Thought Rumsfeld Resigned?

In case you were wondering who is really running the Global War On Terror and thought Rummy was pushed out the door as his resignation would indicate, do note the following. At today's function with the Big Dick Cheney presiding, Rummy was sitting there in an official capacity.

So, in the face of an organization that purports to believe in smaller government, we now have two people getting paid at the level of Secretary not the one provided for by Congress. Isn't that interesting?
10:36 A.M. EDT

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Secretary Gates, Secretary Rumsfeld, General Pace, distinguished guests, fellow citizens: It's a privilege to join all of you in this tribute to Edmund Peter Giambastiani, Jr. -- a fine American who President Bush, and all of us, know as Admiral G...
Why we are still paying a man to do a job he resigned from is beyond me. Can any one in the GOP justify this expense? Sounds like social welfare for a man who doesn't need it and a supported by a country of taxpayers who can't afford it.


Mary Ellen said...

I've heard rumors that Rummy still has an office in the White House. However, it could be that he was addressed as "Secretary Rumsfeld" because even after retiring from the position, he still holds the title by name only. I've heard Madeline Albright referred to as "Secretary Albright" just the other day. Also, Bill Clinton is referred to as "President Bill Clinton".

Neil Shakespeare said...

"Admiral G."? I wonder if he's related to Ali G. Anyway, I guess that gathering wasn't of the brightest stars in the firmament then, huh? Now if they could just get Kissinger and MacNamara there too they could have themselves a musical group called "The Bonehead Boys", or maybe just "The Dipshits".

Anonymous said...

Defend us from the Bush Administration

On the link: Admiral G has stated it well: Our cause is to "defend our way of life and to promote human ideals in the face of extremists that offer no hope, no program for the future and no basis for democratic dialogue."

The President, in a patriotic Fourth of July talk, gave ''his speech before yet another group of military men and women who are convenient props and set-pieces for a man too afraid to face any random 2,000 Americans picked off the street to hear him speak in person.''