Thursday, July 12, 2007

Aren't Community And Faith Based Programs One And The Same?

In the odd event that you didn't know "Parent's Day" is coming up. I'm just wondering why it is the President parses out and lists Faith Based before Community programs in his proclamation today? Are they not one and the same?
My Administration is committed to strengthening American families by supporting Federal, State, and faith-based and community programs that promote healthy marriages and responsible parenting.
Just two questions for the President: What exactly defines a "healthy marriage," and why is it any of the Government's business to what my marriage is like?

Of course, like everything the W, Rove and Co does, they use the proclamation as a political device to drum up support for their faltering Iraq Democracy Experiement:
On Parents' Day, we pay tribute to mothers and fathers and celebrate the special bonds of love between parents and their children. We also express our deep gratitude to parents who serve in the Armed Forces and those whose sons and daughters have answered the call to defend our country. Our Nation is grateful for their honorable service and for the sacrifices family members make as their loved ones work to advance the cause of freedom.
What about the parents KIA for this "Noble Cause?" Dragging parents into harms way doesn't sound like supporting the institution of parenthood, nor healthy marriage.

Of course, a legit question is what shall we do while regarding Parent's day?
I call upon citizens, private organizations, and govern-mental bodies at all levels to engage in activities and educational efforts that recognize, support, and honor parents, and I encourage American sons and daughters to convey their love, respect, and appreciation to their parents.
How about bringing them home from Iraq. Sounds reasonable, no? Or even better, letting GLBT families to officially get married to legitimize them? Some of the most positive and great families I know are headed by people of the same sex. Even so, gays getting hitch must frighten the GOP faithful too much. Is it that to do so would mean they would have to acknowledge that heterosexuals don't have a corner on the healthy family market?

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