Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The President Still Loves Alberto, No Matter That The FBI Blew Their Own Whistle

IT seems like the AG still has the full faith of the president, not that it means much at this point in time. Another Whitehouse spokesmodel has a hard time defending his administration. Have a look:
Q Scott, can you respond to The Washington Post story today on -- that Attorney General Gonzales received multiple reports from the FBI about lapses in the procedures safeguarding the use of national security letters and other procedures of that sort? Should Gonzales have acted on those reports from the FBI?

MR. STANZEL: I would refer you over to the Department of Justice on that. I've certainly seen that story and I know they've had comments in it, but I don't have any information for you on that.

Q Is it appropriate for a Cabinet officer to ignore reports from below about wrongdoing within his agency?

MR. STANZEL: I'm not aware that that's the assertion. But maybe that's the assertion you're making, but the President has said repeatedly that he has great faith in the Attorney General, and that has not changed.

Q Will the White House be looking into and evaluating his performance in this regard?

MR. STANZEL: With response to the story, you mean?

Q With response to these reports that the FBI had --

MR. STANZEL: What reports?

Q The FBI reports about improper following of procedures, safeguards on national security letters and other things.

MR. STANZEL: That's -- you know, Maura, that's all I have for you on that. We'll continue to -- I'll try to gather some more information for you on that, but I'd refer you over to the Department of Justice for more facts about what reports they may have received --

Q But he still has --

MR. STANZEL: -- about this story.

Q He still has faith in the Attorney General, despite the fact you're just -- I mean --

MR. STANZEL: The President's views on the Attorney -- the President's views on the Attorney General have not changed.

Q So it doesn't matter about this story, or they don't want to look into it before you make a statement like that?

MR. STANZEL: I'll leave the comments where they are, Martha.

Q Thank you.

MR. STANZEL: Thank you.
Well, if I was as inept at my job as the AG is at his, I don't think I'd still have a job. What about you?

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